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From make up to fashion, and music to expos, Glynn Place hosts an ever-changing mix of entertainment and events! We're always scheduling events, so check back often for new listings. The Golden Isles’ hottest events are at Glynn Place!

Glynn Place Mall is a an ideal venue to create and host special events in the Golden Isles. The program, managed by an in-house team, supports an assortment of local and national businesses via its vending opportunities as well as short-term special events. Numerous opportunities exist to create brand awareness, introduce new products or services, conduct shows and fairs or otherwise interact with customers of the Golden Isles.

What Is a Special Event on the Mall?
A promotion of a business, cause or event; distribution of non-tangible items with the use of furnishings or fixtures in a specified location on the Mall; an activity hosted to create awareness of a business, cause or event.

What Is a Sampling Event?

The free distribution (or retail sale of) of a tangible product, with or without the use of furnishings or fixtures.

How to Hold a Special Event on the Mall
Fill out the application completely and accurately and return to the Mall Management office.The application can be printed and scanned, faxed, mailed or delivered to the address below.The application can be edited, saved and emailed to joni@glynnplace.com. Photos, brochures and renderings may be included if available. (Only items that may be kept on file and not returned. Originals should be kept.) The application is submitted for management review and selection.This review typically may take less than five (5) business days.Applicants will be contacted if selected to conduct their event on the Mall.If selected, the event authorization will be issued after:
Assignment of location
Approval of set-up, display and or event details
Payment of application fee and charges
Receipt of a certificate of liability insurance

To schedule an event on the Mall, contact:
Joni Bennett
219 Mall Boulevard
Brunswick, GA 31525
(912) 267-6964 Ext. 13

Glynn Place Mall Special Event and Sampling Process/Guidelines
A Special Events or Sampling Agreement is required to place temporary furnishings on the Mall for all promotional, sampling, and sales events. All requests must be submitted for approval by the Mall Management. Upon approval by the Mall Management, a Special Event or Sampling Agreement will be issued. A certificate of liability insurance may be required for your event. The certificate must name as additionally insured: GP Mall, LLC and all owned, managed, controlled, non-controlled and subsidiary companies, corporations, entities, joint ventures, LLC’s and partnerships and all of their constituent partners and members.

Special Event Agreements must be signed by Mall Management and the Applicant. The agreement states the approved dates and is valid only for stated dates. Additional dates require additional authorization. The agreement describes the approved activity; no other activities are allowed unless a separate request is submitted and approved. Maximum set-up size for any one event location is 10 feet x 10 feet unless otherwise stated/approved.
Multiple location events (mall-wide shows from 3–30 vendors) are generally limited to 8 x 8 feet.
All tables must be skirted.
Amplification is not allowed unless specifically approved by Mall Management.
Vehicles are not allowed except under specific circumstances and as specifically approved by Mall Management.
Temporary signs (sandwich board signs or other) are not allowed on the public right-of-way (median or sidewalk), but may be attached to permit holder’s furnishings, awnings, tables if desired.
Vendors may not use Mall fixtures and furnishings.
For multi-day events, all event elements must be removed daily unless approved.Licensee is responsible for providing all elements, their set-up and breakdown and clean-up of permitted location.
If vehicles are used to deliver props or tents, they may be driven briefly onto the appropriate Service Bay nearest the authorized location and then must be immediately removed after unloading materials.
The event cannot obstruct pedestrian traffic. A walkway must be left for pedestrians to pass safely beside the event and (at corner locations) must be able to safely cross the street.
Vendors must not in any way block the entrance to any building or business nor may they reduce the pedestrian right-of-way to less than 10 feet. A 10-foot clearance must be maintained at all times.
​Vendors may not interfere with special events taking place on private plazas, nor interfere with other vending activities.